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  • Welcome to the Library @ ALF


    The LIBRARY--aka Career Centre, aka LC--is your place to work quietly, sign out books, browse new magazines,  or do research for a project.

    The librarian, Ms. Lane, is here on Tues. through Thurs. but the library is open every day during school hours.


            Tracey Castle        Mrs. Hughes

              Tracey Castle       Ms. Hall  


    • What's NEW in the library?

      There are new books arriving at the library weekly--so many that the new book display area is full.  Be sure to pop in and check this section regularly!  Don't forget if there is a book you'd like to see in the library, talk to Mrs. Maurer or pop a book request into the box.

      • What do YOU think? FORUM

        Here's a chance to speak your opinion.

      • Magazine Subscriptions

        The LATEST issue of magazines are for browsing in the library only but once the new one comes, you can sign out any of the back issues!

        Here's what we subscibe to: 

        Dirt Rider Petersen's 4-Wheel Seventeen
        Guitar World Food Network Magazine Hockey News

         If you have any others you'd like us to subscribe to, let Mrs. Maurer know!


        • EASY/QUICK reads

          These books are all designated with a yellow dot on the spine--for when you only get a chance to read for short times, or you don't want to invest weeks of your life reading the same book.

          • LIVE eagle cam

                 Check out the eagles' nest in Decorah, Ioweagletsa.

                Nesting will begin in Jan/Feb 2017.  Chicks are

                usually hatched by the end of Spring Break. 

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